The Regeneration Factory specializes in furniture restoration and reupholstery in Iowa City, IA.  Utilizing sustainable and environmentally-friendly upholstery and crafting processes, I create and restore furniture that is not only long-lasting and beautiful, but also kind to the environment.  Each item supports renewable lifestyle choices while giving you a gorgeous addition to your home. 
I see furniture not only as a beautiful addition to your home, but also a sculpture piece and a work of art.  The furniture you choose adds to and enhances the theme and motif around your home, but also represents you.  With 25 years of experience in furniture restoration, craftsmanship and reupholstery, I have restored, created and recreated a wide variety of impeccable pieces.  Combing elements of design, artistry and superior furniture craftsmanship, I build and repair beautiful, durable pieces with classic elegance.  Through reupholstering and repairs, each piece can be recreated with a new design while still maintaining its original character and charm.   
Keep the original furniture you love while supporting sustainable production practices.  Have your furniture reupholstered to suit a new design or have it repaired to get rid of stains, cracks or scratches.  Take a look at the gallery to see other restored pieces and call today to get a quote for your piece. 

Furniture Upholstery & Restoration