* Workshops*

Do you have a small project you’ve been wanting to reupholster and always wanted to know how to do it? Bring your project and fabric to this two-day workshop at Regeneration Factory where you will get hands-on instruction in upholstery. For $250.00 you will learn the tools of the trade, how to strip furniture, attach padding and fabric, and so much more! Projects must be approved for difficulty before the class. Once approved payment will be required.

The class will be canceled if less than 3 students sign up.

You will need to bring:
* Your project
* Fabric you LOVE!  ( Keep in mind Regeneration Factory has remnants to consider as well as fabric to order)
* Wear comfy shoes

* And bring a lunch that will energize your creativeness

Dates for upcoming classes:   

*If you have an interest please contact me, I will put you on my list to be notified first!

****I will reserve the right to cancel class if situations beyond my control occur and will reschedule****

For Workshop or Studio Space ​Contact Amy!



           * Studio Times *

Regeneration Factory is offering Studio time to take on your upholstery projects. This is NOT a class but the chance to use the right tools for the job. Prepayment is required at sign up.

*Monday 5-7pm $40
*Wednesday 5-7pm $40
*Friday 10-12 $40   OR     1-3pm $40       ( ONLY days that there isn't a workshop)

The Upholstery Studio offers:
Industrial  sewing machines and thread
Upholstery tools
Pneumatic staple gun, staples
industrial steam iron
cutting tables and work surfaces
Foam cutters
Button machine and  Button dies and cutters ( button moulds 20 cents each button)
Scissors, seam rippers, razor blades
measuring tape and rulers
tailor’s chalk

* Upholstery supplies are available as needed. Fee is based on amount used. Pricing available upon request.

* Projects are not allowed to remain in studio unless arrangements have been made prior to time using shop space.

* Regeneration Factory is not liable for and injury that occurs in shop. It will be the sole responsibility of the individual.

* Any equipment broken by person renting workshop space will be responsible for ½ the cost for replacement or repair.